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Project: I took the red pill

By Carlos Reding


    "I took the red pill" is the first big production of bokeron fx - studios. The maddest project ever made (or one of them), show part of the life of one those guys who consumes drugs in pills and other types in the disco, every weekend, seen from a special point of view. This project is inspired in movies such "Fightclub", "Matrix" or "Fire in the sky" and in the work of awesome artists such Feng Zhu, Ken Wong, Kang Lee, Joe Cosman, Yanick Dusseault, Can Tuncer, Ed Lee, Sheung Ho, and many others.
    The pre-production process is almost finished, where the story, script and screenplay were created. Actually, the characters and environment are being designed and hope to start the production in summer 2003 (no date for the finish, by the moment). The software to be used is, probably, LightWave|3D v7.5c and Project:Messiah. The duration of the project is around 15 minutes long and will be available in english and subtitled in spanish by the moment, but I hope to find the man who put Edward Norton's voice in spanish and render a english release and a spanish release. Wish me luck! (I'll need).
 Revision 1: After lot of time "researching" and looking through the fog...finally, the software to be used is going to be LightWave|3D and Maya. Last one, Maya, will be used for rigging and animating the characters because of its amazing "easy-to-do" bones and constraints, and the animation process (of course). The information will be exported to lightwave using the awesome software coded by Markus Weiland: "Maya 2 Lw" (nice name, uh?). You can see few pic of the rigs I have done during this "researching" time:


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