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      This site's main purpose is to showcase my design work. The main 3D program I'm using is Alias Maya. I use The Gimp for my textures and Shake for compositing. I welcome any questions or comments, you can contact me here. You also can find me in all lightwave channels in EFNet as Jambhala.


29-01-05: New year, new web desing! I moved to maya permanently and moved to linux (no windows in my computer)  in these last months. After exam's season, January 18th, I'm going to upload a new tutorial. This one will explain how to separate layers in maya then composite them in shake. Stay tuned! (try to alive until that moment :P)

09-05-04: More stuff added to projects tab, for 'I took the red pill' project. Few days ago I did a training video (2:35 hours long!) about how to rig a character in lightwave, from zero (for beginners) and with all the controllers needed. Looking for free distribution on internet. Tutorial is available in "spanish tutorials" in I hope to record a english one.

13-02-04: Happy new year! (a bit late...) Exams season finished and new stuff about "I took the red pill" added in the projects tab. No more revisions will be added, I'll upload some pics when I can, instead of.

12-12-03: Revision 3 of "I took the red pill" added!! take a look!.

08-12-03: Shake tutorial added in tutorials tab.

20-11-03: The production of "I took the red pill" has begun!

07-09-03: The begining of the production of "I took the red pill" is incoming. A small review about the project can be found in the projects tab.

25-07-03: Exams season's over and new web design is here. No more pop-ups (oh!, you're welcome :) ). Info about "I took red pill" added in projects tab. Tutorials are being translated to spanish (dont hurt me! I´m on it). In tutorials tab, bone setup tutorial in messiah has been reviewed, you'll find few updates.

05-06-03: Animation added in animation tab.

30-05-03: Surfacing tutorial added.

16-05-03: Messiah tutorial added to tutorials tab.

12-05-03: Uploaded sample scene of Bone setup in LightWave tutorial. Download it in the tutorial tab.

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